Pets poop. A lot!

You already know you need to pick up Fido’s poop on the trail, but did you know that you also need to at home?  Even in our rural areas, water quality testing shows high levels of poop from man’s best friend. 

While it’s tempting to have your pets go poop in the woods by the creek, pet waste doesn’t just decompose. It adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waters when it’s not disposed of properly.

Only 25 bacteria can contaminate one entire gallon of water. Your dog can produce enough to contaminate 781,250 gallons in just one day.

There are over 110,000 dogs in Clark County. All those dogs mean a LOT of poop, 18 tons of it a day! 

Depending on conditions, viruses, worm eggs, and bacteria in poop can live up to a year.

Doo something pawsative.

Scoop it. Bag it. Trash it. EverywherePicking up after your pet isn’t fun, but it’s part of the job.

Being a responsible pet owner is important for everyone. When it rains, runoff from unattended poop travels from yards, parks, and trails into the waterways and spreads. The health risk to humans and habitat goes beyond the spot where you leave the poop.


Grab a bag

You can’t rely on one being provided, so keep one in your car, with the leash, or on your person and be prepared for the unprepared.

You don’t go on a walk to see dog poop on the trail!

Encourage others to be Poop Smart too.

Add some yoga to your walk

Add some yoga to your walk. Use a variation of downward dog to pick up after your own dog.

“Dogs are angels full of poop.”

-Oliver Gaspirtz, Pet Humor!

Have your dog be a hero

Take a pledge, Canines for Clean Water. You and your dog can protect our streams.