Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, and nature calls!

Sometimes you gotta go, and there are no bathrooms to be found. Been there. But there are smarter ways to poop in the wild. If everyone uses the right approach we can keep spaces, and waterways, clean and open for recreating.

The last thing you want to be catching at the fishing hole is high levels of bacteria.

It takes only a handful of bacteria to contaminate a gallon of water. Just one person can produce enough fecal coliform bacteria to pollute nearly 300,000 gallons in a single day.

Let’s try not to drop one on the trail, partner!

If you enjoy recreating outdoors, you probably plan ahead. Add proper waste disposal to your checklist. One person can make a big impact, be sure yours is a positive one.

Resources for Recreating

Bring a portable toilet

Options start at about $20

How embarrassing!

Plan ahead and make a restroom stop before you find yourself caught with your pants down.

“If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in poop all day.”

-Wayne Dyer

Dig a hole and watch your distance. Know the right way to poop in the woods.

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