Small farm, lots of poop.

A well-managed farm can lead to healthier animals and more productive acreage.

A single cow can produce enough bacteria to contaminate 11.25 million gallons of water in one day. That’s 17 Olympic swimming pools polluted in 24 hours!

Every farm counts. Stormwater can carry runoff and bacteria from properties further away and into waterways, streams, and rivers.

Cost-share programs are a great way to help you pay for improvements.

Reduce your feed bills while reducing runoff. Pasture management means more grass for them and less hay to haul for you.

Improved pasture management not only reduces runoff, but can also prevent weeds and mud or erosion on your property.

Healthy livestock, healthy kids, healthy land

Owning a farm is work enough; we are here to help. Find a variety of resources in the following links to improve the health of your land, animals, and community. Learn about our manure exchange program and other ways to manage manure on your property. 


Get free assistance

from Clark Conservation District. We are non-regulatory and completely voluntary. Receive free and confidential advice from our qualified staff.

Request financial assistance

Protect your pastures by calling Clark Conservation District at (360) 859-4780 or email us at

“Chickens: The pet that poops breakfast.”


Fence the poop out

By fencing out livestock from our streams and providing them alternative water sources, we can improve water quality and pasture productivity.

Sign up to learn how to keep livestock out of the stream and if financial assistance is available for you.

“If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in poop all day.”

–Wayne Dyer